We’ve given you some tips to calm your nerves in our previous blog, but how can you get your little one ready for their first day? Separation anxiety can be stressful for both of you so prepare your child as best as you can with our advice.

Familiarise them 

When you’ve chosen your school, bring your child with you for a tour and point out the classroom that they’ll be in, meet the preschool teacher, show them where they’ll put their bag as well as the amazing play areas they’ll soon be able to explore. When you’re back home, talk them through what they can expect during their day, what they’ll play with and when you’ll be picking them up afterwards. It might also help to read them a book about pre-school so that they can get even more comfortable with the idea – and perhaps even excited!

Express emotions

Encourage your child to express how they are feeling about beginning preschool – are they excited or perhaps a little unsure or nervous? All of these emotions are, as you know, incredibly normal so acknowledge how they are feeling and let them know that they can always share with you. 

Bring something from home

Whether it’s a picture of the family for older kids, or something such as a blanket or an item of clothing that smells like mom or dad, this is a great item to pack if your child needs an extra bit of comfort in their first days of pre-school. 

Stick around

On their first day, adjust your schedule so you can be with them for the first 15 minutes or so. Help them to meet new children, show them around and introduce them to their teacher – then, when it’s time to go, say goodbye (read about our recommended goodbye routine here) and let them know you’ll be back to pick them up at the end of the day.

Connect with the teachers

This will be a big adjustment for both you and your child, so it’s normal for there to be anxiety – however, if your child is struggling to say goodbye then contact their teacher for advice. They’ll be well-versed in the process, and with their experience – and their interactions with your little one – they’ll be able to help make the transition easier.

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