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@Sandton Kids offers the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), which gives us access to a meticulously crafted curriculum that aligns with global educational standards. Our teachers are empowered to nurture young minds by blending play-based, thematic, and inquiry-based learning with clear, objective-driven goals.

The International Preschool Curriculum is aligned to meet or exceed the standards of all major education systems making it the most internationally accepted ECE curriculum in the world. From Singapore Math to UK Literacy, the IPC has had to meet some of the most stringent standards to be truly international. 

​Developed by a team of doctorate academics, the IPC was founded in 2008 as the world’s first international  ECE curriculum.  It is also the only ECE curriculum that meets several national standards.

With the International Preschool Curriculum, our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an interconnected world. IPC fosters cultural awareness and international perspectives, preparing your children for a diverse, multicultural future.

The International Preschool Curriculum also allows @Sandton Kids to stay at the forefront of educational innovation! IPC offers ongoing teacher training, research-backed resources, and assessment tools that keep our school’s educational practices in tune with the latest developments in early childhood education.


To enrol your child at @Sandton Kids, please download and complete the enrolment form below and submit via email to